We specialize in customized performance tours for every type of musical ensemble – large and small, instrumental and choral, young and old. Since 1995, we have brought thousands of performers to more than 30 counties worldwide.  The Opus international team includes professional musicians, promoters, and travel leaders in every region of the globe.


Opus Founder Sean Fagan first experienced the joy of international performing when his college choir toured Poland.  As a Peace Corps volunteer in the Gambia, he experienced the power of music to bridge cultural divides. When he returned to the United States, he brought these two passions together in his professional life, organizing musical exchanges in Iron Bloc countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


In 1995, Sean founded Opus Performance Tours, then known as Mosaic Tours. He believes that every tour is an opportunity to "do good while doing well." Opus incorporates the ideal of responsible travel into tour itineraries, honoring regional cultures and benefiting local economies.


"Every Opus Tour is fine tuned down to the last detail. We are renowned for our client care, which is one reason why nearly every group we represent travels with us over and over again."



Sean Fagan, Founder
Opus Performance Tours


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