The Pacific Lutheran University Choir of the West and KammerMusikk Orchestra are touring Germany and France with OPUS, and our tour photographer Kelly Creedon is along to document the journey. Follow the choir and orchestra on tour using the links below. The slideshows will feature the Choir of the West only until June 6th when the two ensembles meet again in Paris!

Part 1: Arrival & Concert in Bad Kreuznach, Germany
Part 2: June 2 & 3, Limburg, Germany- HARMONIE Festival
Part 3: June 4, Limburg, Germany - HARMONIE Festival
Part 4: June 5, Limburg, Germany - HARMONIE Festival
Part 5: June 6, Paris, France - La Madeleine Church Concert
Part 6: June 7, Paris, France - Versailles, St. Severin Concert
Part 7: June 8, Normandy WWII sites, Honfleur
Part 8: June 9, Honfleur, St. Catherine's Church Concert
Part 9: June 10, Chartres Cathedral visit and Choral Concert
Part 10: June 11, Luxembourg Gardens Concert, Seine River Dinner Cruise


"The tour exceeded our expectations--very well organized and thought out, and you went the extra mile to promote our concerts."



Pam Deacon, Tour Manager

PLU Choir of the West &

KammerMusikk Orchestra

PLU 2011 Tour to Germany and France